Private Tea Ceremony


In China, the moon is a very special symbol of feminine beauty. We celebrate the harvest and family reunions during the Mid-Autumn Festival (on the 15th day of the 8th month). During this time, poets express their nostalgic perspectives on the moon. People gather together to enjoy a reunion time with families.

 August Moon Tea offers two general types of tea services: formal tea ceremonies and casual tea sessions. With the various options of teas, you could either enjoy a peaceful and meditative moment or have a real-time conversation with your families and friends. The key point is to relax through a cup of tea.

August Moon Tea sources natural and authentic Chinese tea from small farms who can produce good quality and Eco-friendly teas. we also have various types of tea wares which you can use to have tea ceremonies or small tea sessions. And a wide range of gifts options for yourselves and your loved ones.